Nancy Silverton Gives The Last Word On Fantasy Travel Week

Last week, we interviewed chefs and restaurateurs about their favorite places to travel and eat, as well as to find out their 2013 itineraries. We saved one of our favorite chefs for last, and as a way to remind you all to check out all of our daydream-inspiring Fantasy Travel Week coverage. See links to the stories at the bottom.

Over the past few years in Los Angeles, the words best Italian food are rarely uttered without a mention of Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza, from the team of Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. Eater LA reports that the team is about to open another restaurant, chi Spacca, in early February. We checked in with Silverton for her best traveling tips and memories.

Where are you planning on traveling in 2013?

Twice to Hawaii, Singapore, New Orleans, three times to Italy, Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Cleveland.

If you could travel anywhere (else), and had infinite resources, where would you go in 2013?

I'd spend a year in Italy.

What was your most memorable trip from the past few years?

Trip to London and Paris with four girlfriends.

What airlines do you fly? Do you have any frequent flier programs?

Frequent flier with United. I also fly Virgin America.

What about hotels? Any standout places that you've stayed or would like to stay?

Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.

What are you favorite cities for food, and if not mentioned above, where are you yearning to go to try the local cuisine?

London, Paris and New York. Would love to travel to Morocco for local cuisine.

Is there a food you have traveled over 1,000 miles for?

The closing dinner at El Bulli.

Best travel advice you have been given who?

Matt Molina suggested last minute upgrading when flying Virgin America.

Best food-related souvenir that you have ever brought back?

A mortar and pestle from London.

Any favorite cocktail/beer/wine spots from your travels?

Buvette in NYC.

Any must-have travel items?

Cashmere shawl and crime fiction novel.

And your best travel nightmare story?

On a recent trip my assistant Kate thought it was smart to pack me a bottle of wine as a surprise, until it exploded all over my suitcase. Lucky for me, the material of most of my dresses made it easy to clean. But until then I was stuck wearing the same dress!

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