Go First-Class With La Cornue's Line Of Ovens And Ranges

Maybe it's because we have travel on our minds this week, but it's hard not to look at La Cornue's line of deluxe ovens and ranges and see some resemblance to steamer trunks from the days of yore.

Maybe that has something to do with their turn-of-the-century genesis, at a time when transatlantic travel on commercial passenger liners was becoming all the rage. The French heritage brand was founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, who gained fame by creating an oven that took advantage of the circulation of hot air inside (a precursor to the modern convection oven, if you will). Subsequent members of the Dupuy family have made developments and added slight improvements to the storied brand's line, like dual vaulted gas and electric ovens and customizable stovetop configurations; however, the distinct aesthetic — clean lines with gold and silver trims and paneled oven doors in an array of colors — remains.

The stoves are indeed as posh as they look. Prices start at $6,800 and soar upwards of $46,000, but then again they're valued for their superior function as much as their form.

The newest addition to La Cornue's lineup, the CornueFe 1908 oven debuted this summer.[/caption]
From La Cornue's Chateau series (above and below), the Grand Palais is like the Rolls Royce of ovens, both in appearance and performance.[/caption]