Here's What The Two Finalists For Food52's Beer Cooking Contest Look Like

We were so thinking "Hey, we should do this!" Then our friends over at Food52 did it: a reader-submitted recipe contest featuring everyone's favorite carbonated beverage. Yup, seltzer.

They feature over 100 submissions on the contest page here — by the way, we were kidding, the contest is obviously all about the beer — and are down to two finalists: stout waffles and gingerbread beer cake. We'd hit either of those; they're both winners. We realize this isn't how you enter their contest (and fellow food websites probably aren't eligible anyway), but here are three recipes we'd totally submit:

Check out the results next week to see which beer recipe takes the cake. Not that we think the cake looks better, they're both awesome. Fine, the cake looks a little better.