Design We Are Feeling: A Bike Pannier For Very Portable Picnicking

Oh, those Dutch! They really do love their bikes. And here's just one more reason. The aptly named Springtime is a portable picnic setup comprising a table and seating for two, along with storage for food, glasses and utensils that folds up and transforms into a bike pannier (saddlebags to us Americans). It'll be available this spring, and you can send an email expressing interest on the Springtime website. Designed by Jeriƫl Bobbe of the Dutch design firm Bloon, the Springtime also converts into a compact box shape to take up as little space as possible when it's not being used. Though come spring, we can hardly see why this genius multitasker would sit idle for very long. Check it out in action below.

Dining al fresco just got a whole lot easier. Set up your own outdoor table for two, just off the bike path.