Eating Too Fast? There's A Fork For That.

If this product is any indication, 2013 is going to be a pretty interesting year in the food gadget world. Fresh out of the testing labs is the HAPIfork, an electronic fork that monitors your eating habits that debuted yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Created by HAPILABS ("the world's first activity trackers") the utensil records each time you bring food from your plate to your mouth, known as a "fork serving."

The gadget measures the amount of fork servings per minute, along with the intervals between fork servings and the total time of meal. It alerts you with indicator lights and vibrations when you are eating too quickly, which HAPILABS mindfully notes "leads to poor digestion and poor weight control." It can even be connected to the internet via USB or Bluetooth to track personal progress.

The full product, which includes the HAPILABS app and a coaching program to help you eat better, is priced at $99 and will be released later this year. Hey, why consider one of these extreme diets when the answer to your weight loss problems may be just a fork away?

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