Is Wheatgrass Juice Gluten-Free?

That vivid green shot of something foamy and healthy-looking stares you down from the juice bar every time. It's wheatgrass, a highly nutritious liquid extracted from the shoots of the wheat plant containing, more or less, everything you need to stay healthy. You've got iron, chlorophyll, Vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, calcium and our good buddies, the amino acids. You could practically build an entirely new human being out of the good stuff in wheatgrass. But for those staying away from gluten voluntarily or due to an allergy or Celiac disease, does the crazy green juice high come at a price?

Nope, no price except the $3-5 you'll shell out per shot. Gluten is present in the seed or "kernel" of the wheat plant only. The grass is perfectly fine for those abstaining from that which holds your bread together. Not the biggest fan of wheatgrass juice? No problemo, we've got 5 shockingly delicious gluten-free beers for you to try.

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