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So your New Year’s resolution is to start distancing yourself from the delivery guy, is it? Let’s put that to the test on the first day of 2013, starting with undoubtedly the most effective hangover recipe we’ve ever experienced. Serve it with any of our 5 Bloody Marys you’ve never tried before — keep that poor stomach of yours guessing. 

  1. Hangtown Fry
  2. Beef Shin and Farrow Soup
  3. Avocado and Chorizo Toast
  4. Caramelized Onion and Beef Loco Moco
  5. Kefta, Tomato and Egg Tagine
  6. Spicy Mushroom Torta with Cheese
  7. Mexican Meatball Soup
  8. Deviled Mushrooms on Toast
  9. Sausage and Ricotta Jalapeño Poppers
  10. Chipotle Popcorn Chicken
  11. Potato Galettes with Sage
  12. Full English Breakfast Quiche
  13. Cinnamon Toast
  14. Quesadillas Benedict
  15. Roman-Style Rigatoni alla Gricia
  16. Matzo Brei
  17. Classic Patty Melt
  18. Bacon Cheddar Burger
  19. Enchiladas Suizas with Chicken
  20. Easy Banana Pancakes
  21. Quick Fried Rice
  22. Beer and Cheese Soup
  23. Vegetarian Black Bean Chili
  24. Easy Corned Beef Hash
  25. Easy Potato Tacos
  26. Pasta Frittata
  27. Marcus Samuelsson’s Swedish Meatballs
  28. Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash
  29. Tepita-Style Migas
  30. Maple Bacon Pancakes

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