2012 In Review: 15 Best Quotes From Musicians Talking About Food

We love talking to chefs about food, but even chefs get bored with the same old questions about whether bacon has jumped the shark. Musicians are the same way — ask them why they wrote a certain song 100 times and they'll practically fall asleep. But inquire about the best taco they had while on tour in Southern California and they start to channel their inner Bourdain.

Plus, you know, music and food go together like, um, chicken and waffles? Spaghetti and meatballs? Vodka and soda? Whatevs, you get the idea. In 2012, we had a big music/food crossover year, with a hit-and-miss new music and food fest in Brooklyn (The Great GoogaMooga); a big FR field trip to the Live Music Capital of Austin, Texas; a cookbook release party for Zak Pelaccio with a psychedelic freakout performance by Woods. And, we talked to some of the best musical artists in the world about food. Here, we round up 15 of the most memorable musician interviews of 2012, featuring Lupe Fiasco, Boys Noize, John Darnielle, Sammy Hagar, Thee Oh Sees, Twin Shadow and more!