Hulk Hogan Will Reinvent Casual Dining In 2013

Everyone has their own ideas when it comes to future food trends. It is highly doubtful, however, that any of them have involved Hulk Hogan. Until now, that is. The semi-retired professional wrestler and television personality plans to unveil his new restaurant, Hogan's Beach, on New Year's Eve in Tampa, Florida, reports Eater.

According to the man himself, Hogan's Beach will be "Hooters times 10." (We know what you're all thinking — how could the er, charm, of Hooters possibly be augmented?) In an apparent attempt to appeal to each and every one of the city of Tampa's demographics, the restaurant will offer a selection of sushi, steaks, seafood and a casual patio menu. It will also feature a mechanical shark, tiki huts, fire pits, a stage for bands and volleyball courts. Got all that?

If we've learned anything about casual dining establishments this year, it's that bigger is not always better. Still, our money is on the big man to kill it in 2013. Is it ever a good idea to bet against a WWF Champion?

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