Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

It's kind of hard to concentrate on any of our other most popular stories this week, supermodel who makes eggs in the morning, okay? That said, another great week here at Food Republic! We learned a brand-new way to enjoy banh mi, checked out London's fish and chips scene and investigated why scotch might be older than it says on its Match.com profile. Oh and buy your girlfriend a present now. Don't be that guy. We have some ideas.

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7. Beef Tenderloin "Rosa Di Parma" Recipe

8. Plate Deconstruction: José Andrés' Yogurt-Pine Snow

9. The Balmy Sandwich Recipe

10. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Scotch But Were Afraid To Ask

11. Wallpaper For The Seriously Food-Obsessed

12. What If You Could Toast Your Bread By Color Preference?