Meanwhile In London: Addictive Fish-Themed Indian Dubstep

Pshhh, and I was going to write about sweet potato fries. Don't get me wrong, I'm just pushing it to Monday (what will she say?) because Jason Kessler of the Kessler Report and apparently now the Finding Videos Before Jess Report just one-upped the Hot Cheetos and Takis jackpot.

Jason, like, just now: "I know it's, early, but..."

I have never been prouder of my heritage. Fun cultural experience sidenote: some of the most hardcore profanity on the planet comes from urban fish markets in India. Stuff I've never even thought of saying in my wildest dreams. Their colloquial equivalent of "curse like a sailor" is "curse like a fishmonger's wife." The women sell the fish the men catch while haggling cruelly and not belly dancing at all, making London's One Pound Fish guy a far more entertaining cultural experience.

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