Video: Watch 2 Chefs Wrestle A Live Eel During An Almost Fatal Cooking Demo

Jeff Michaud and Brad Spence appear in this episode of Dude Food, a cooking series on YouTube's new Tasted channel. Here we see the duo preparing an eel dish for a Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner, which is an Italian Christmas Eve tradition. Apparently, eel spoils quickly, meaning chefs need to keep the buzzed-up bastards living until they are ready to cook. Pounding a nail through the head is also required. The squeamish should look away. Also, after watching this, we never want to prepare and cook eels (it was the "eel blood is toxic" message that sent us over the edge).

You can also read about Michaud's recent trip to Italy, which very well may have included cooking eels. Also, slightly related, Eels is one of rock's more underrated bands. 2002's Souljacker is a particular favorite.

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