23 Ways Brands Can Use Our Instagram Photos

We were pretty bummed out yesterday when news dropped that Instagram will soon be changing their Terms Of Service agreement to give them the right to basically sell all of our photos — to whoever they want, for whatever reason they want. Pop Photo has a good recap on the shadiness. Though of course by last night Instagram was backpedaling about the new terms of service. We love Instagram. We've had chefs take over our Instagram. We've published our favorite Instagram photos from readers. So this all kind of sucks. But, as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make...a photo gallery! So here are 24 Instagram photos that we're offering up to brands, celebrities, trade boards and any other entity willing to give Facebook (they own Instagram, FYI) some cash for our highly filtered, half-drunken camera phone photos. We've included some slogans to help them on their exploitative quest.