Video: Epic Meal Time Launches A Line Of Gear For Epic Home Cooking Time

Epic Meal Time, the Canadian cooking show that quickly became a YouTube sensation and known for creating extremely high-calorie (and totally not what you'd ever want to eat) meals, has announced the pre-order for their first official set of cookware (on which you'll probably never want to cook). The gear, regularly priced at $125, is available online for a limited time for $99. Holiday time! Included in the full set is a non-stick bacon sizzler (of course), Sauce Boss sauce pot, "get sauced" pan, shanks, tools, prep station and MasterBaker (heh heh) tray.

The EMT team will also be releasing an instructional cooking series this winter, aimed at teaching viewers how to use the new gear that makes up their kitchen arsenal. In the meantime, people will be on their own as they attempt to create Epic kitchen staples such as candied bacon, Jack Daniel's syrup, Jack Daniel's bacon and candied Jack Daniel's. We'd say don't try this at home, but we're all about democracy here at Food Republic. Have at it.

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