What Do You Get When You Cross A Russian Bar With A British Theme?

Clash of the nations this is not. Though Russian and British styles couldn't be more dissimilar, The William Bass Pub in St. Petersburg showcases the two blended together in cross-cultural harmony.

Expats and tourists may take the faded Union Jack on the cover of the pub's menu as indication of an Anglophilic, English-speaking bastion, but the yellowing pages inside tell a different story. Designed by Sergei Kudinov, a Moscow-based graphic designer and art director, the menu artfully integrates the classic Slavic alphabet with a handsome old-fashioned typeface and etched portraits echoing the days of yore.

If you're hungry, you'd better know your Cyrillic, although ordering a Bass ale shouldn't be too troublesome. The pub is named in homage to William Bass, whose namesake brewery was one of England's first to export their beer directly to Russia. Truly, that's the best way to foster convivial foreign relations in our opinion. Scroll down to scan the menu's pages.