Our 8 Favorite Instagram Photos This Week

Today was a great week for everyone's favorite photo-based social media platform. It's so refreshing to look at our Instagram without being force-fed greasy turkey shots. Spicy food and Christmas desserts are so much better. And uh...does Starbucks do that latte art?

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No such thing as great $1 pizza but love the drawing![/caption]
Bom dia quinta-feira!!! #worldgastro @worldgastro [/caption]
Rainbow #cookies for #xmas? Nah – all year round @sugarandplumm #foodstagram @pichetong [/caption]
#Takeout from our favorite #Indian place in #StudioCity. Gangadin catered our wedding back in 1996! @mylastbite [/caption]
Let the holiday party catering begin- Curried Beef Puff! #magicallydelicious @sipsandbitesnyc [/caption]
Roasted turkey, Brie, raspberry mustard on cranberry walnut bread @greydogtoday #perfect @chekmarkeats [/caption]
In case you thought Jess was kidding about #lunch[/caption]
This habanero was chopped and added to this already spicy buffalo chicken melt. It was not mild.[/caption]