Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

What a happy DJ Week it was! We're just getting our auditory senses back now, which is great because how else would we have talked to David Lebovitz or Timothy Ferriss? Gift guides are running rampant all over the world wide webiverse, but ours are obviously the best — come on, chocolate and tequila. Neither of those things are a sweater or a prune-of-the-month club. Check out our top 12 stories of the week and remember: buy him/her/them/shim booze.

1. Author Timothy Ferriss Decodes The San Francisco And NYC Restaurant Scene

2. A Gourmand's Guide To Art Basel Miami 2012

3. Interview: Simian Mobile Disco Will Make Beats For Food

4. Just Call Author David Lebovitz Your Man In Paris

5. Party Grub: Homemade Peanut Butter Cups With Bourbon

6. How DJ-Run Label Fool's Gold Begat Food Gold Blog

7. Gift Guide: 15 Ideas For The Craft Beer Obsessed

8. Mick Boogie Has A Mean Chipotle Addiction

9. Australian Producer Fume Starts The Day With A Bowl Of Honey Weets

10. 15 Gifts For That Very Special Coffee Geek In Your Life

11. Interview: Andy Smith's New Playlist Is Making Us Hungry

12. Morgan Page Eats Well At Home, Dines Smart On The Road