Design We Are Feeling: Pedal-Powered Coffee On The Go

Velopresso is a pedal-powered mobile coffee-maker that requires no electricity. Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oiva, two London Royal College of Art design students, came up with this ingenious vehicle as a way to sell coffee on the street. The custom-made bicycle can switch between gears that power the bike or drive a coffee grinder. The hot water is generated via a portable boiler, which is powered by a small gas canister.

The design is a fusion of their love for coffee, cycling and sustainable design. The duo is looking to extend their efforts at sustainability further by exploring ways to convert the waste coffee grounds into ethanol. The design has won the Deutsche Bank Award 2012 and received the second place price at the 2012 Pininfarina Design Contest. The team is currently looking for an industrial producer for their design, which means the Velopresso could be pedaling your way sometime in the future.

The Velopresso is a mobile espresso bar that combines old and new technologies.[/caption]
The pedal-powered vehicle powers the bicycle and grinds coffee beans.[/caption]
The design emphasizes an ultra-low carbon footprint.[/caption]
No motors, no electricity, no noise (except when the grinder's running).[/caption]

via PSFK