Fat And Furious Burger Is An Awesome Tumblr!

There's no better way to spend your time than dressing up a burger for a photoshoot...as long as you work at Food Republic or are in the business of putting French food art on the map. The creators of Fat & Furious Burger, a blog showcasing just how attractive a meat patty can be made, fall in the latter category. But I really wish they were in the former. Check out some of their themed burger art:

The Crabzilla[/caption]
Dhundi Burger. Curry Bun. Chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon and tandoori. Pickles lime and mango. Coriander. Paprika. Offerings to Ganesh: Bananas. Coconut. Lime. Mangosteen. Wreath of jasmine. [/caption]
Scaviar Fall. Golden unpeeled garlic. Just for your quail eggs. Casidorade Royal. Cream expires tomorrow. Quantum Of Salad. Octopussy. The Man With The Golden Bun. The Spy Who Loved Miso. Zero zero zest.[/caption]
You quoque Mi Burger. grilled chicken. Caesar dressing. Anchovies. Romaine lettuce. Tomato. Sprockets. Garlic croutons. Parmesan.[/caption]

I hereby suggest that our next test kitchen should be "Fat & Furious Burger"–inspired. We can do a Chick Fil-A patty escaping the buns of oppression, a duck-duck-goose burger (which involves a lot of liver), a more accurate depiction of the Snooki's Baby Burger or even a Bourne Identity–themed burger with a teeny projector inside that projects a photo of that same burger. Or maybe we should just let our French burger enthusiast friends take it from here. I mean if it ain't broke...

More burgers we found on Food Republic: