Are We Destined For A Thomas Keller + Catbird Seat Collaboration?

As we reported this morning, Thomas Keller was in Nashville yesterday to shake some hands, kiss some babies and answer slightly esoteric questions about his life. "I'd be a retired baseball player," he said of what he'd be doing if he wasn't a chef.

There was also a blowout "tribute" dinner of sorts, in which chefs from all over the city like James Peisker of Porter Road Butcher and Tandy Wilson of City House cooked for the legendary French Laundry chef.

We also spotted Erik Anderson and Josh Habiger of Catbird Seat in attendance. (See the photo of them taking a photo of them with Keller.) We can only speculate what the three were talking out. A guest dinner, perhaps? Catbird Seat is a tasting menu only restaurant — only 32 covers a night — and one of the most inventive and inspired restaurants in the entire South. It's the kind of place we could see Sir Keller having a very good time at.

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