Interview: Andy Smith's New Playlist Is Making Us Hungry!

When he wasn't finding samples for some of Portishead's classic tracks (or touring with the groundbreaking band), Andy Smith quietly set about changing the role of the club DJ. Back in 1998, he dropped The Document, a mixtape that ricocheted from one genre to the next, from classic girl group pop to soul to kitschy covers. The follow-up, 1993's The Document II, jumped off on an ethereal Kate Bush track before segueing into a breakbeat and somehow going on to incorporate Mr. Lif, Serge Gainsbourg, Black Sheep and Cut Chemist.

We're not sure where the term "crate digger" originated, but it may have been coined for Smith, who continues to tour the world spinning his deeply nuanced mix of soulful, urbane tunes (you can read more about him and where to find him on his website). Which is why we sought him out to weigh in on eating, traveling and DJing for DJ Week. Smith not only obliged, he dropped a serious foodie mixtape on us, right after the Q&A below...

What are your favorite food cities to visit while on tour?

Three staples in your refrigerator?

Beetroot, Cherry Tomatoes, Chocolate Trifles (the light ones!)

Last meal you made at home was...?

Pasta with Tuna

Do you have any quirky (or strange) dietary habits?

I don't drink hot drinks, so I don't have tea or coffee ever. A lot of people think this is strange but it's normal to me. And I don't eat spicy food at all (Curries are out for me!).

First food to hit your lips in the morning/afternoon is...

Honey Nut Shredded Wheat with a pint of freshly squeezed Orange Juice (with ice)

Favorite cooking show(s) on TV?

The wife watches Come Dine With Me. I don't mind that.

Do you have any pre-show food rituals/habits?

Err no. I sometimes go for a post show kebab though! I like to get a good pizza in Italy after a show.

Food or drink requirements for shows (from your touring rider)?

I think my last rider said "A selection of crisps & nuts." I rarely seem to get anything, except when in Switzerland, where they lay out a full table of various foods.

Have you ever ordered food to the DJ booth?


Any clubs actually serve really good food?

I used to enjoy the food at The Big Chill bar in [London's] Brick Lane on a night I used to do there.

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