Video: Tour Of A Japanese Bluefin Tuna Fishery And Crazy Underwater Spear Fishing

The Perennial Plate is a highly ambitious documentary series founded by chef and activist Daniel Klein — before traveling the world to produce his weekly segments, the NYU graduate worked in some of the world's top kitchens including The Fat Duck, Craft and Mugaritz. Klein is back with a new season where he will be traveling to 12 countries — filing 2-3 documentary shorts from each. His first stop is Japan (see the breathtaking trailer), where he stops by a bluefin tuna fishery, the only one in the world. Klein writes of the visit: "When we decided to make a video about farmed Bluefin tuna, it was with trepidation. This is not the perfect fish, it could harldy be considered sustainable (they eat a lot of other fish). But it's a step in the direction of killing the last of the wild Bluefin tuna."

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