Pineberries Are Not Albino Strawberries

All that's missing from that photo is a sign that says $10/pint. Nope, that's not a rare albino strawberry from a plant in the Galapagos, it's a pineberry. Does it kind of taste like a pineapple? It does, making it a well-named fruit indeed.

Pineberries have white flesh and red seeds and are not nearly as hardy as their red counterpoints, which has made them relatively unpopular (even though they look way cooler).

Can you grow these mysterious berries in your garden? Nope. If someone says they have pineberry seeds for sale, don't believe 'em — pineberries are a special hybridized fruit, made by cross-breeding a South American white strawberry and North American red strawberry and must be bought in plant form. Second generations of these plants produce regular 'ol red ones, which is nice because white strawberry jam might creep out peanut butter.

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