Infographic: Why You Should Be Drinking Hard Cider

I spent last week in Paris, and while that required me to drink a lot of French wine, I made one important exception. If you're into food and have a pulse, one of the most important stops in Paris is Breizh Café in the Marais, where one of the best food/drink pairings I've ever come across is served. It's simple, really: you order a galette — a savory, buckwheat crêpe that I like to order "complète," or with ham, emmental cheese and a sunnyside up egg — and a hard cider from Normandy or Brittany.

While I was away, lo and behold, a US-based hard cider company called Angry Orchard dropped us a line and offered to share a new infographic they created to help publicize their line of ciders. They also came up with recipes for using hard ciders in dishes like a slow cooked pork shank, and in cocktails. You can read up on all this on Me, I'll stick to my hard cider with a galette. Sounds like dinner tonight!