Video: Edward Lee Marries Kimchi And Collard Greens In His Forthcoming Cookbook

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Edward Lee is a former Top Chef and Iron Chef contestant, Louisville restaurateur, fish sauce evangelist, bourbon expert and the kind of guy who encourages you to jump into a pool, fully clothed, at one of the many food festival after-parties we've closed down with the guy. Edward Lee keeps it beyond real. Born in Brooklyn, he spent time working in book publishing before moving to Louisville to immerse himself in the southern culinary traditions.

In his book, Smoke and Pickles, he "tells his story on a plate" with a collection of 130 recipes and stories that detail how his Korean background is integrated into Kentucky products, with a little "Brooklyn chutzpah" thrown in for good measure. The book is dropping May 1. In the meantime, here's a video trailer.

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