Video: Watch A Punk Rock Beer Vigilante Hate On Sophisticated Beer Drinkers

Turns out not everyone is psyched up about the craft beer revolution. The punk band Fidlar just premiered the video for their song "Cheap Beer" on Vice's Noisey channel, and it features a scary-looking dude who drives around on a motorcycle terrorizing people who are drinking bottled high-end beers. He is, apparently, of the belief that "beer is always better with a bag around it," according to the lyrics.

We'd have liked to have seen a better send-up of artisanal beer culture — maybe calling out real craft beers like Ommegang or something — but we have to admit that it's kinda funny when this dude busts in on a well-coiffed couple and roughs them up for drinking a bottle of Chimay or something super rare out of wine glasses. He then crashes a hipster party and punches out a skater-looking kid who, along with friends, is sipping on green-bottled beers. It's all very budget '80s action movie in parts. Watch the video below (though be forewarned, it's slightly NSFW and on the loud side).