Leftover Makeover: Make This Before The Very Last Ham Is Gone

I'd say get rid of any remaining bird at this point. Way to not make soup. Even if it doesn't taste funny, there's something about 5-day-old bird that doesn't scream "eat me," unless you're still in college and truly don't care, etc. But ham — the ham is super-salty, practically cured at that point, and lasts way longer (especially if it's still on the bone). I don't know the science behind it, but keeping meat on the bone will definitely prolong its life for a day or two, making this insane fried rice recipe the star of today's lunch menu.

Leftover honey mustard-glazed Thanksgiving ham makes some of the only fried rice worth eating sober (presumably, because it's lunchtime). The spicy, acidic tang of the mustard adds a kick you don't usually find in fried rice no matter how orange you turn the poor stuff with sriracha. This is especially true with my Thanksgiving ham, which I glaze with nosegasm-inducing Chinese mustard and buckwheat honey. I guess I should have provided that recipe about a week ago, huh?

So whether your version features a ton of ham and a little rice, only a little ham because in all honesty you've really been doing a number on it, with chopped leftover veggies or closer to the tried-and-true formula for Chinese-style fried rice we all know and love, it's a win-win situation. Then toss that bone in a pot and get your soup redemption. You don't want the spirits of two feast beasts haunting you. That's only fun for the dog.

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