The Best Of Drink Ford Tough

Simon Ford is one of the most respected voices in the spirits industry. A former International Ambassador for Plymouth Gin and Brand Ambassador at Pernod-Ricard U.S.A., he has opened some of England's most acclaimed cocktail bars. He has also been recognized as both Best International Brand Ambassador and Best U.S. Brand Ambassador at Tales of the Cocktail.

As co-founder of The 86 Company, he recently began distilling his own spirits, including Ford's Gin and Caña Brava Rum. Simon is a regular contributor to Food Republic and his weekly columns have quickly achieved a large and loyal following. This week, we look back at 10 of his most popular columns. He will return next week with a freshly shaken Drink Ford Tough.

1. The 7 Most Influential Cocktails Of All Time

Simon takes on the daunting task of naming the cocktails that have most inspired today's drinks.

2. How To Tip Your Bartender Correctly No Matter Where You Are In The World

Simon discusses the various nuances of tipping, including cash vs. card, drinking on the house and being served overseas.

3. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Gin

Simon presents facts about gin sure to surprise and impress even the most knowledgeable drinkers.

4. Great Mysteries Of The Martini, Solved

Simon takes on commonly asked questions, such as gin vs. vodka, stirred vs. shaken and wet vs. dry.

5. Ultimate Guide To Drinking Absinthe And Avoiding Death

Simon dispels some common notions about the oft-misunderstood spirit and recommends a few different types.

6. How To Drink Properly At A Dive Bar

Simon promises that you can drink at a dive bar and maintain all integrity by following a few simple tips. He also lists a few of his favorite spots.

7. What I Say To People Who Say They Don't Like Gin

Simon outlines a brief history of gin and discusses different attributes of several brands of the spirit.

8. Let's Meet 5 Of The World's Greatest Drinkers Of All Time

Simon lists five well-known individuals who have impressed him with drinking prowess, along with their favorite beverages and memorable drink-related quotes.

9. How To Get The Most Out Of Daytime Drinking

Simon provides us with some pointers for drinking during the day, along with some classic daytime cocktail recipes.

10. Advice For The Novice Bartender

Simon teaches us some basic tips to keep in mind when mixing drinks at home.