Reheat: Pickin' From The Pre-Thanksgiving Fridge

I'm on the road to go address a "Thanksgiving situation." Let's find out what that means when I get there. In the meantime, here's what I was doing exactly 364 days ago.

Oh man is that a nice full fridge! We've got six kinds of cheese alone. I realize these are for tomorrow's cheese platter. Actually my mom just made that very clear as I was suspiciously surveying the contents of the kitchen, slicer in hand.

Since I want to save myself for sandwich marriage on Friday, I'm going to make a pre-Thanksgiving salad from the results of my fridge pickin' spree. Let's see, we have baby spinach, red grapes, walnuts, celery, gorgonzola, green, that was easy. Looks like I'll be having a Waldorf salad. ...nah, that's not what I want. Let me try again.

I see butternut squash, tons of chicken broth, sage, diced onion and pre-cubed bread for stuffing that I bet would also make killer croutons. I'm making a quickie version of our butternut squash and sage soup. But Jess, isn't that what you'll be having tomorrow? Fact: we are having gingered carrot-dill soup tomorrow, so I believe I'm safe. But you're right, I don't want to risk it. Do-overs.

We've got prosecco, three colors of wine, vodka, whiskey and plenty of mixers...and it suddenly occurs to me that's it's not "almost noon on the day before a holiday in New York City," it's "straight-up 8:20 a.m. over here in sunny Califor-nye-ay." Nix that liquid lunch, even I can't swing that.

Hmm...I forgot that mothers keep cold cuts in their refrigerators. And mine, being a chef and general food enthusiast, keeps a veritable cornucopia of condiments in the fridge: four kinds of mustard, two of mayo, relish, horseradish sauce, Indian pickle (which is amazing on a sandwich), ajvar (a spicy Turkish relish of eggplant and roasted peppers just BEGGING to liven up sliced turkey) and, of course, all this cheese I'm sure I could inconspicuously shave a few ounces off without being smacked away with a wooden spoon. Don't even get me started on that weapon of choice.

Yes, after much thought and cross-analysis I've decided that a regular old extremely jazzed-up sandwich is the way to go. Thanks for coming along on that wild ride, and join me tomorrow when I put myself in more active peril as I scavenge lunch from active Thanksgiving prep.