Video: How To Carve A Turkey Like A Man Who Has Carved 45,000 Turkeys

You brined your carefully sourced turkey, roasted it to crisp, golden perfection and let it rest for the requisite 25 to 30 minutes. Now it's time to carve. By the way, those who think it's 20 minutes can explain the juices that were going to keep the turkey moist pouring off the sides of the carving board. We've all seen it. A little extra patience can make all the difference.

We hit Dean and Deluca in New York City, quite possibly the greatest purveyor of super-expensive foods in all of downtown New York, for a step-by-step demo with executive chef Aaron Albrecht, who carves a lot of turkeys. Really nice turkeys. Like, the best.

Check out how easy it is, provided you've let the bird cool down.

Video and editing by Laila Gohar

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