New Food Sweatshirt Alert: Rest In Pizza

The Pyknic boys are at it again. For the uninitiated, Pyknic is a streetwear brand with decidedly culinary leanings. When we last checked in, they were trying to figure out a cost-effective way to make dark chocolate pants. Now, they've released their Late Fall 2012 collection and their cast of foodie cartoon characters has grown exponentially. In addition to Humphrey, the hippo chef of your dreams, they've got Snaquatch (a yeti with severe hunger pangs), Duncan (the freshest pug in the food world), and badass skeletons that seem hungry even though they don't technically have stomachs.

While the collection seems to borrow occasionally from other streetwear brands (Diamond Supply and Crooks & Castles, specifically), it's their original work that stands out here. The "Rest in Pizza" crewneck sweatshirt ($22) has the Grim Reaper decked out in a full-on pizza robe delivering what's likely to be the tastiest death ever — with extra cheese. Death is a common theme, as hungry animal zombies make appearances all over the collection. It's like an updated tribute to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's classic Rat Fink designs, but with a much higher calorie count.