Lunch Practice: How To Eat More Food This Thanksgiving

Rarely do I take a leaf out of the competitive eaters' books. I ended up partying with Bertoletti, Chestnut and those guys after the fireworks this past 4th of July and cannot believe they made their flights and I made it to work the next day at all. I love those guys. I also love Thanksgiving food. I'm sure they love Thanksgiving food. And who doesn't love a stomach packed so full with turkey and stuffing that you literally can't move?

So in accordance with the pre-game day tips I've pulled from these titans of gurgitation, here are a few carb-heavy lunches intended to stretch your stomach so you don't pull a tummy-hammy. That's not a thing, I made that up. Don't tell the guys, they'll laugh at me even more.

And if you want to go with an old standby: hot dogs and buns, better known as HDBs. See, I know what I'm talking about.

And although Kobayashi partied separately that day, as he's done since the administration "gently suggested" he no longer compete in the Nathan's contest, his signature trick for maximum stomach crammage can't possibly go wrong. Especially with hot dogs. Nobody chokes on those.

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