Turkey Coma 2012: Ready For Deep-Fried Mashed Potato Bites?

From So Good Blog, the folks who brought us the true-to-its-name feature "Deep-Fried Everything:" deep-fried mashed potato bites. You might want to make extra potatoes to set aside to ensure that this happens on Black Friday, which we will rename "Liquid Buttery Center" Friday. Sure beats trampling your fellow Americans in the race to the slutty doll display, right?

The original recipe's on Dude Foods (obviously), and here's the genius part: after being battered and fried, a mashed potato bite is pretty much a biscuit! When can you honestly say that about anything that wasn't a biscuit to begin with? As if that wasn't enough, the mastermind behind this creation sculpts the potatoes around a small cube of butter, which melts and stays contained until you bite in, not unlike our famous mozzarella-stuffed meatballs. And just like that, I know what I'm making for dinner tonight.

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