8 Great Instagram Photos We Spotted This Week

The theme of this week's Instagram roundup is "whatever has nothing to do with Thanksgiving." Seriously Internet, things besides Thanksgiving exist. And we're bringing you 8 of them. Like grilled aliens. That said, check out our extremely extensive coverage of Thanksgiving food, drink, traditions, chef advice and obviously, pie.

Don't forget to follow us @foodrepublic and tag us if you see or eat something awesome. These are things we check compulsively. This week's #FRturkey hashtag should produce some juicy results. I mean, hopefully they're juicy.

Lunch at Aamanns is so Danish. And so Danish is the way to eat lunch. [/caption]
There's a proper hot sauce selection at Mexican Radio in Hudson, NY [/caption]
Happy Friday steak #taco night everyone.[/caption]
Solangtang and offal gone wild at Gahm Mi Oak [/caption]
Liege wafel w/ speculoos @WaffleTruck #foodspotting @brooklynbrewery [/caption]
Decided on an order of chicken tacos con todos from Cafe Ollin in Harlem. A small hole in the wall with some of the best authentic Mexican. #tacos @food [/caption]
Oatmeal with @ashwright 's homemade almond milk, @todayshallbetheday 's pumpkin-spiced almonds and brûlée bananas. @omarchris [/caption]
Grilled Aliens for dinner. @neverbeenfull [/caption]