Hack Of The Day: Fry An Egg In A Pepper Slice. Boom, You Just Ate Vegetables

There are so many cool ways to fry eggs — in prosciutto cups covered with cheese, on a piece of paper on the office roof, in a stupid heart-shaped mold you got from a gift bag at a food event. For me, the second most useful method (obviously prosciutto cups is first) is inside a pepper slice. Here's how:

Heat a small non-stick skillet over medium heat, add a smidge of unsalted butter and fry a thick pepper ring in the color of your choice for 3-4 minutes — or until cooked on one side. Flip it over, crack an egg inside and fry for 2-3 minutes until white is set but yolk is still runny. Season with salt and pepper, if you feel like adding cheese, do it now, then remove from the pan with a wide spatula when melted.

The butter and residual steam from the egg help finish cooking the pepper, and the moisture in the pepper helps prevents your egg from developing burnt edges. We all help each other.

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