Food Republic's Ultra-Amazing Guide To A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Want your bird to look like a real Thanksgiving turkey? Start reading and follow these tips.

Thanksgiving is upon us, and we've never been more ready to experience the special magic that happens when a little bit of cranberry sauce mingles with a little bit of gravy on the stuffing side of the perfect bite of everything.

Whether you're an experienced Thanksgiving-crafter, an intermediate glazer of ham and preparer of green beans or you're about to wonder for the first and hopefully not last time what the hell that plastic thing in the turkey's leg is, Food Republic's got you covered. But if you don't believe us, ask a few celebrity chefs what they do to ruin-proof their Turkey Day.

  • Dale Talde has a not-so-secret ingredient to combat flavorless turkey, and introduces the all-in-one bowl approach to leftovers.

  • Harold Dieterle isn't attached to the idea of a whole roasted bird. They might be pretty, but it's about flavor.

  • Sean Brock accuses Franken-turkey of drying out Thanksgiving. Go heritage this year and you'll never go back.

  • Ming Tsai has a legit fried turkey dilemma. When was the last time you said that?

And 15 other pearls of Thanksgiving wisdom from those who cook best.

Sam Sifton wrote the book on Thanksgiving. Then we discussed.

Here are 10 kitchen gadgets that will make your Thanksgiving go much more smoothly.

Here are a few of our tried-and-true sides and dessert recipes. Shop now.

These 8 wines will get you through Thanksgiving, and these rules will help you drink it. Wait, rules?

This Food Republic-brand drinking game will REALLY get you through Thanksgiving

This menu will get you through the night if you're over turkey and fixins.

And a few other things you'll want on the table no matter what:

Oh, here's a a perfect moist turkey with crispy brown skin and an extremely moist interior. Did we mention this turkey isn't dry? Even a little? That it's moist and the skin is crispy? Okay, here's a video on how to carve it.

Is that everything? Good. Now, break!