Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

Who wants a Fernet Branca? Hopefully everyone who's been reading Food Republic over the past week — we dove right into the murky waters, interviewing chefs and even the heir to the Fernet throne on why the bitter spirit continues to thrive here and abroad. Turns out, it's because it's delicious. Just ask Amaro.

Other happenings: pears are in season, sausages are always in season and Dale Talde tells us what's in store for Thanksgiving this season. Here are our 12 most popular stories this week.

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2. Investigating The Faceless Voice Of The Ruth Bourdain Twitter Account

3. 5 Ideas For Dinner Tonight: Fried Eggs

4. FR Thanksgiving Interview: Dale Talde + Bonus! A comic of Dale's new restaurant!

5. Drink Better Guide: 8 Fernets Around The World

6. Eau De Umami? Sushi Cologne Is Now For Sale On Amazon

7. Perfect Poached Pears Recipe

8. Everything You Need To Know About Drinking And Eventually Loving Amaro

9. When Sausage Met Potatoes: 5 Ways With Bangers and Mash

10. Meet The Secret Count Behind Fernet-Branca

11. Why Fernet Is Fueling The Restaurant Industry, And Not As Bad-Tasting As You Think

12. Eating High and Low In Mexico's Second Best Food City