Highbrow Alert: A Look At Japanese Artist Ayako Suwa's Food Creations

Ayako Suwa is a Japanese artist who works exclusively with food as a medium. In 2006, she founded Food Creations, preparing dishes that focus not only on engaging the tastebuds, but also the senses of sound, sight, smell and touch to create a dish that represents a specific emotion. She then produces a storyline through the sensual dishes to tell a story. Each element of the meal adds a layer to the narrative.

Suwa has exhibited and served her work at guerrilla restaurants (our preferred term for "pop-ups") in galleries, train stations and abandoned office buildings all around the world, from Paris to Tokyo. Food Creations is also commissioned to create events for various luxury brands such as Gucci and Montblanc, tasked with creating the "flavor" of the brand. Check out what Gucci tastes like, as well as rage, happiness, anxiety and guilt, below.

The Taste of Rage By Ayako Suwa[/caption]
The Taste of Happiness[/caption]
The Taste of Anxiety [/caption]
The Taste Of Guilt[/caption]
A Taste of Gucci[/caption]

All images courtesy of Food Creations/Ayako Suwa