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A love story for the ages.

There’s one dish I can’t force myself to eat in hot weather, but the second it starts hammering giant wet snowflakes blown sideways by a “refreshingly” frigid damp wind, it’s time to break out my variations on bangers and mash. I love our classic recipe with crispy pork sausages and caramelized onion gravy, but as can be expected, I get bored with it pretty quickly and move on. Here are a few ideas that really embody the spirit of “make extra for dinner, have the best lunch at the office.”

Here’s the only real trick I have to this dish: whatever sausage you decide to go with, buy it from a butcher and not from a package. But as far as potatoes from a box and gravy from a peel-off container? Go, have at it. It’s not like I just linked to every single tool you might possibly need for pulling this dish off at home or anything.

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