Portugal's "Soundwich" Serves Up Musical Lunchboxes

From the style of music to the volume and acoustics of their dining rooms, chefs typically have strong opinions about the audio experiences they want to accompany their meals. But at Soundwich, a recently opened eatery and dining concept located in the Portuguese city of Porto, the aural is meant to supplement and enhance the oral.

Diners can choose from seven different sandwiches, each created by a top local chef and presented in a metal lunch kit that, when opened, plays tunes personally chosen by each chef. How about a little Louis Armstrong with your curried pork? Or Beatles with your escabeche and eggplant?

It's definitely a unique concept that makes eating an even fuller multi-sensory experience. Beyond that, it's also an opportunity for each chef to showcase more of his own personal tastes, beyond the food he creates, while offering diners (especially out-of-towners) an opportunity to sample dishes from some of the area's best-known toques in one place.

If your favorite sandwich had a theme song, what would it be? Chef Helio Loureiro's sandwich, curried pork with walnuts, apple and raisins, accompanied with the memorable Casablanca song, "Time Goes By." [/caption]
Lively latin jazz tunes make up the playlist for chef Camilo Jaña's breaded creation of ratatouille with goat cheese, fresh spinach and capers.[/caption]
Chef António Vieira of the local restaurant Shis sandwiched pork confit, beefsteak tomato and pickle between two slices of toasted bread, paired with a simple, uptempo duet. [/caption]