Video: Frito-Lay Went Ahead And Tried To Reinvent The Frito Pie

In this video starring Frito-Lay's Executive Chef Stephen Kalil we're confronted with the cruel reality of something called vanilla caramel corn Frito pie. Key ingredients: vanilla pudding, fresh berries, caramel sauce and a bag of Fritos. Now we're fully down with Frito pie — the original starring chili, cheese, sour cream and a screening of '80s BMX flick Rad. We've been fans for a while. Daniel Boulud is also very much down with Frito pie too. Well, sort of.

But the suits at Frito-Lay — bless them for not messing with the iconic corn chip's recipe even in the wake of calls for sodium bans — have gone and messed with the Frito pie recipe. In a cute micro-site dedicated to publishing recipes for the Frito Pie Remix — insert DJ wika wika sound — our hero Stephen proposes mashups like Hawaiian pineapple ham and creamy spicy tuna tartare. Frito suits: Guy Fieri's lawyers are on line one. But the best one is the vanilla caramel corn cream Paula Deen wet dream of a video recipe above.

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