Nachos For Obama! A Celebration Of Our President's Favorite Junk Food.

You know what's a beautiful thing? Our black Hawaiian president loves Americanized Mexican food. He said so himself. And I have eaten Americanized Mexican food in Hawaii. And our Swedish-Arab market analyst dude loves Harlem soul food. And Contributing Editor and knower of Jewish holidays, Matt Rodbard, is writing a book on Korean food. It just makes me feel like one big happy delicious family.

In honor of the President's victory last night, here's a huge roundup of everything having to do with tortilla chips — for we are free to top our nachos as we see fit. This is no time to be conservative.

Start here: How To Make Nachos with Easy Homemade Tortilla Chips

Plus, now we have four more years to figure out the recipe to that White House beer, which I bet goes pretty well with nachos.