Video: Eric Ripert And Roger Waters Cook Langoustines, Talk The Election, 'Jam'

In this clip from Eric Ripert's show on YouTube's Reserve Channel, Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters discusses his humble upbringing...while peeling langoustines, quite possibly the bougiest shellfish known to man. He also takes down the U.S. voter registration system, proclaims election day's worst-case scenario and ridicules the notion that a divine being "vomited up the solar system on day 1" — all this while Ripert quietly seasons the langoustines with a little sea salt and heats up some olive oil in a non-stick pan.

Other topics addressed with pleasant sizzling sounds in the background: atheism, shrimp-related hand infections and sewers clogged with the greed of powerful men. I've never heard such smooth transitions between cats eating fish heads, beurre blanc and growing up Communist ("de rigeur," says Waters, "for anyone with a brain"). Hmm...

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