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Verner Panton lamps

Now available in a slew of new colors, Verner Panton‘s distinctive pendant lamps have a simple yet eye-catching design that would brighten up just about any kitchen.

The celebrated Danish designer (best-known for his namesake Panton chair), created the lamps over a half-century ago, and both hanging styles, the bulbous Topan and the outer-rimmed Flowerpot, are enduring proof of iconic forms standing the test of time. 

Given the jazzy selection of hues, all it really takes is one — try the cobalt blue — to liven up your kitchen or dining room, but here’s a styling tip: hang several at varying lengths for a more design-forward decor. 

Prices start at $350 on

Panton’s lamps, relaunched in a range of vivid new colors by the Danish brand &Tradition.

Originally designed in 1960 for the Hotel Astoria in Trondheim, Norway, the Topan lamp features a now-classic bulb-like shape that draws just as much attention to the exterior and its color, as the light it illuminates.

The FlowerPot pendant—designed and named during the height of hippiedom in 1969.