Hack Of The Day: How To Make Grilled Cheese In A Toaster

Not that I don't totally respect Machine Gun Kelly's grilled cheese-with-an-iron trick. I do. I've been in a hotel room before with nothing but two slices of bread and some cheese. I know what drives a man.

First and foremost, you cannot MAKE a grilled cheese in a toaster. That is how toasters are ruined and fires are started. This goes doubly if you're a bacon and/or tomato guy.

This has to be the easiest hack ever. It doesn't even involve figuring out to do with 100 blank CDs. You just turn your toaster on its side, carefully load in two slices of bread topped with cheese, push the lever and watch one of the most beautiful broiling processes known to mankind.

Then UNPLUG THE TOASTER, nudge the slices out with a still-preferably-not-metal implement, and smush them together into a sandwich or eat them open-faced. Why this step? Because when I tried this experiment in my apartment, I shot two hot pieces of molten cheese-covered toast across my kitchen — all in the spirit of not messing up a pan and spatula. That's why I experiment first and hit "publish" second. Or sometimes not at all.

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