10 Of Our Favorite Photos From The New Edible Selby Book

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Edible Selby is a collection of photo essays and interviews from fashion photographer Todd Selby and features some of most exciting young chefs in the world. Read our interview with the man. Forged partially through his relationship with chef Ignacio Mattos (Il Buco, Isa), Selby — a New England native who know lives in Brooklyn — was able to broker shoots at some wildly interesting spots like Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico and Alex Atala's D.O.M. in São Paolo. His documentary shooting style is rich with contrast and evocative of a friend stopping by to snap a couple shots during service. Short hand-written interviews with the chefs, and Selby's back-of-the-placemat scribble drawings, hint at a friend who stayed for dinner. Here are 10 of our favorite shots.

Russell Moore at Camino in Oakland, CA.[/caption]
Danny Bowien at Mission Chinese in San Francisco, CA.[/caption]
Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn, NY.[/caption]
Andrew Field at Rockaway Taco in Brooklyn, NY.[/caption]
Rockaway Taco in Brooklyn, NY.[/caption]
Annie Novak at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn, NY.[/caption]
Liz Prueitt at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, CA.[/caption]
Bethells Beach Café in New Zealand.[/caption]
Captains of Industry in Melbourne.[/caption]
Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico[/caption]