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Because a caramelized onion is a happy onion. (Photo: Mark Shaw.)

Just another boring Saturday, right? Wrong! We have four fun weekend cooking projects (plus one boring but super-useful one) to keep you occupied until Monday morning. Ready for the greatest cup of coffee known to mankind? It’ll give you a boost to get to the boring but important project.

  1. Now that you’ve presumably gotten your fill of Halloween candy, go back to basics with our step-by-step How to Make Peanut Brittle.
  2. Figure out your own method of brewing coffee with a Chemex after watching these 12 people all kind of explain different ways.
  3. Get good at Instagram! Use us as an example — some of our crappier, boring photos have 40 likes, some that involve pizza, lobster or both have upwards of 400. This video will guide you along your way.
  4. Master a fancy new brunch dish nobody has ever heard of. We recommend Eggs Rothko.
  5. Caramelize, like, a dozen onions, then portion them out in freezer bags and store them for instant gussying up of dinner, or as a base for gravy. You will have to be very bored for this to be fun, but your future self will thank you so many times.

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