Our 8 Favorite Instagram Photos This Week

How about a little food porn to cheer everyone up? Yes? A little food porn to cheer everyone up? You got it. We're geniunely impressed with the awesome Instagrams our friends and followers managed to post this past week. Check out some excellent uses of bacon — everyone's favorite storm meat — and tell us we're not one fierce food city.

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Lower East Side, NY, post #HurricaneSandy barbecue. #Blackout[/caption]
In case of emergency, get drunk, play with fire, eat bacon. @rcwellington [/caption]
Why look what swam in for dinner! Jambalaya time.[/caption]
night like this requires a good Companion, at least a year old. #sandy #frankenstorm #companion @brooklynbrewery [/caption]
Bacon wrapped meatloaf before we lose power. Meat > Sandy. @mrfoodporn [/caption]
Hurricane pancakes. @kellycarambula [/caption]
Staying inside always lead to baking. For dinner tonight: tomato tart and kale caesar! @marketpublique [/caption]
First batch of homemade bacon. @billybob518 [/caption]