21 Things You Didn't Know About Lunch

I like to let loose on Fridays and eat some junk food, not that I haven't been doing that for the entire past week of "getting to know my apartment better" as we all work from home, but special junk food. Like Belgian frites, which need lots of mayo. Dirty water dogs with lots of spicy brown mustard. I think only New Yorkers can say dirty water dogs and actually salivate. And yeah, maybe even some form of breaded, fried, gulp, white meat chicken. Ketchup all the way.

Here are 21 things you never knew about the power-threesome of the condiment world.

And now that you're in the mood, some lunch to go with them.

Over the power-threesome? I just like saying that. Fine, here are two things I guarantee you've never spread on a sandwich.