Insane Gourds! The World's Most Awesome Pumpkin Sculptures

Whether you're carving pumpkins this Halloween, or simply consider yourself someone who knows a good jack-o-lantern when he sees one, Ray Villafane's awesome and meticulously detailed 3D sculptures need to be on your radar (mostly as inspiration, because we'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who could outcarve this pro).

The former school teacher is a two-time Food Network Outrageous Pumpkin Challenge champ. And it's easy to see why — his gruesome and lifelike carvings, like the zombie uprising he shaped from two of the world's heaviest pumpkins last fall (below), pretty much speak for themselves. See some of our favorite freak-gourds below. For more, visit Villafane's website.

A life-sized zombie, born from two of the world's heaviest pumpkins, which Villafane created and displayed in Brooklyn's Botanical Gardens last fall.[/caption]